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Published: 17th May 2011
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Fine if morning dreams don’t always come out true because with Message in a Bottle’s exquisite line of Gifts you can do someone’s heart a real good anytime…anywhere. Our sensitized Gift Bottles are crafted to touch the deepest chords of your loved ones’ leaving an impression that will last for time immemorial. Your warm messages, wrapped in our cut-glass bottles are perfect to reach the hearts of your people. And we have a personalized bottle for every occasion, because every celebration is different. That’s why we have handpicked the most worthy collections in our Gift categories.

Love: Expressions are the language of love and Message in a Bottle’s Love bottles convey that to perfection. Choose from a range of gift bottles, each with its own sense of artistry, and place your enamored feelings across with a theme that best reflects your love message.

Friendship: True friendship is all about bonding, trust and unconditional care. Let your dear friend know you care. Go with any of our Friendship Bottles and strengthen the bonds of your friendship…forever.

Anniversary: Your anniversary is the time to reveal your love, care, passion, honesty and all those special feelings that have tied the two of you together. Our Anniversary Bottles are a classic embodiment of your honest feelings and we will take them beautifully to the one who deserves it the most.

Just Because: Just because it’s any other day, it does not have to be routine. Spice up your daily moments with our ‘Just because' line of Gift Bottles. Live every moment to its fullest…just because they should be.

Birthday: It’s time for cheers, kisses, songs, celebrations and of course, gifts. Message in a Bottle offers a line of Birthday Gift bottles to take your Birthday wishes across with warmth and bliss, putting all your heart-felt wishes in a way that makes the occasion even more special.

Holidays: Our Holiday Bottles are the real holiday makers with their flavors of romance, joy, and gaiety. After all, that’s what pleasure moments are all about.

Valentine’s Day: V-day is all to do with Love, Affection, Appreciation, Anticipation… Discover your own way and add your own style in making it ‘the special’ day for your valentine. Our Valentine Day collection is just the perfect footing you need.

Inspirations: Greatest inspirations come from the smallest things. Message in bottle’s Inspiration bottles define positivity in their design and inspire hope through uplifting quotes. Of course, your personalized message adds in driving the blues away.

For Men: Get your man to perk up through our dedicated ‘For Men’ collection. You know your man the best, and we know how to make him feel best. Let him know your mind, drop him a message in the bottle..don’t hold back…he is all yours.

For Mom: An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy. Mothers are divinity in real. You realize it; now is the time to express it. Our ‘For Mom’ bottles and your love-filled message will make her cherished, only in a way you can.

Graduation: Graduation is the day of achievement, excellence and accolades. Why not make it memorable as well through Message in a Bottle’s Graduation Gifts—an earnest personification of the joy and appreciation you want to present.

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Roger Rojas heads the Sales and Marketing activities at ( Message in a Bottle. With his astute and cognizant eye for the global market, Roger has been a strong impetus in Message in a Bottle’s endeavor to celebrating occasions and festivities through custom-made messages delivered in cut-glass, exquisite glass bottles.

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