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Published: 17th May 2011
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Message in a Bottle invitations take your events beyond the realms of the ordinary. Your guest-list is close to your heart and would you not love to offer an invite that enthralls them no end. Message in a Bottle invitation line bottles are exclusively crafted to make you guests feel special, touched, and of course impressed at your move.

Message in a Bottle’s Destination Line of Invitations dole out in 8-ich tall USPS approved plastic bottles finessed with high quality corks, tamper-proof seals, exotic Sand & Seashells within the bottle and finely crafted hand scrolled and tied invitations. The Beach Umbrella and hand burnt edges on invitations can be added at a premium, just for that ‘extra’ touch.

Message in a Bottle’s Signature invitations are designed to be classy in the 8-inch non-screw top glass bottles. The inside is all sand & seashells, finely corked up to a classy elegance. The invite comes with hand Scrolled and tied invitation tags, invitation draw strings and hand burnt edges that line up the invitations and labels. In case of Weddings, themed labels with Bride's & Groom's name, date and location of the event are also included. Premium add-ons include matching RSVP’s with envelope and return postage, and an extra Page for travel/directions information.

The premium line of invitations from Message in a Bottle brings in aesthetically appealing 11-inch glass bottles for your invites. Studded with shell accents around the neck, and sand and seashells at the inside, the premium line is "elegance and grandeur personified". The corked up hand scrolled and tied invitations are hand burnt around the edges, and attach invitation draw strings on them. The bottle also houses matching RSVPs, RSVP envelopes with return address printed and postage applied, and shipping box with printed address label attached. Wedding invitations carry themed labels with Bride's & Groom's name, date and location of the event.

Message in a bottle offers specialized Wedding and Birthday invitations under all three lines of invitations; for all other occasions customized solutions are available on hand.

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Roger Rojas heads the Sales and Marketing activities at ( Message in a Bottle. With his astute and cognizant eye for the global market, Roger has been a strong impetus in Message in a Bottle’s endeavor to celebrating occasions and festivities through custom-made messages delivered in cut-glass, exquisite glass bottles.

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